Three’s Company

DAY 376n-2Day 376 (January 11, 2015) – New York, NY

This is my old neighborhood. Yea, I lived in Midtown Manhattan years ago. I was on some next level ish’! I could see into Times Square from my rooftop! I remember literally watching the ball drop one New Years eve from the roof. I think I was laughing at all those suckers out there freezing waiting for hours and hours while I was just chillin at the crib until moments before midnight. And the best thing about this apartment…. my roommates!! I was on some Jack Tripper to level. It was just me and Janet and Chrissy and it was a good look every single day! But that was then….. and this is now. No Janet. No Chrissy and no fly midtown apartment. Welcome to the real world.


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