Day 382 BW webDay 382 (January 17, 2015) – Brooklyn, NY

This is my new bus stop at Dekalb and Throop. I’m deep in BK. I’m in the Stuy. Definitely not Do or Die anymore…well… at least not as bad as it use to be. For some reason there are more cops these days. And there is actually investment. People with money are starting to care about this part of Brooklyn. But, they still don’t care much about the people that have been living here for decades. I think they only see them as obstacles or opportunities. There obstacles because they represent “old” Bedstuy not the new one that the real estate agents are selling. There opportunities because of the real estate they are sitting on. A run down brownstone can be had for a few hundred thousand in cash and turned into $1.5 million in no time. Bedstuy will be an ongoing subject for me this year. I’m going to meet my neighbors and I’m going to learn their stories. I’m going to make sure that the people coming to the “new” Brooklyn understand that there is rich history and culture here.


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