Underground Shelter

Day 383 BW webDay 383 (January 18, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s Sunday. It’s raining like crazy. And I’m on an open house mission. I started in Brooklyn. And then walked about 10 blocks to the nearest train to get to Manhattan. I’m soaked. Seriously. My waterproof boots don’t appear to waterproof anymore. Hell even my NorthFace jacket is getting damp. I guess this stuff wasn’t really made to be walking around all day in torrential downpour. And why the hell am I doing this to myself again. Will I ever win a bid? I don’t have a half a milli’ in cash. And even if I did I couldn’t see dropping it all for a crib. But that’s the world I live in. I can’t believe I’m trying Manhattan again. I saw two deals that made me put on the boots and rain coat. I’m hitting Chelsea (yes…Chelsea!) and Midtown (yes, midtown! near Columbus circle and Central Park!). We’ll see what comes of this adventure. This sure has been a crazy ride. I’m trying to stay underground as much as I can today. There is nothing good about cold rain. Nothing.

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