Fields of Yellow

Day 394_126Day 394 (January 29, 2015) – Somewhere near Half Moon Bay, CA

I’ve been to the Bay Area a hundred times and this is the first time I drove down Route 1 on the Pacific Coast. Wow!!!! What an amazing drive. And how lucky am I to be here when these yellow flowers are in full bloom. They are blanketing the both sides of the road and after about 10 minutes of driving through them I just had to stop. I know I’m late for my meeting…but…I had to capture this moment. I stood there for a while…just lost in my thoughts. Thankful for the great people I’m about to spend the next few days with and thinking about how different this moment is from my life in Brooklyn. It’s cold there. It’s dirty and grey. The sun doesn’t shine the same way. The air…is definitely not as fresh. It’s nice to get away. It’s nice to see and experience nature.


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