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Day 404-408Day 405 (February 9, 2015)

I think this is the 6th day that I’ve seen this guy sitting in there trying to stay warm. The winter streets are brutal. The underground provides some semblance of solace on bitter cold evenings. I’ve never seen him move. He is bundled up head to toe…with crumpled newspapers providing added insulation. I’m sure I’ll see him tomorrow. He’s the subway’s scarecrow sitting in place observing the sea of daily commuters that pass him by.


When Bubbles Attack

Day 404-408_17Day 404 (February 8, 2015) – New York, NY

So, I’m walking down the street just minding my own business….and then this happens. I giant bubble just appears out of nowhere and it means business. It chased the couple in the image for a few yards before turning its attention to a group of unsuspecting tourist. And just when the group was marveling at it’s beauty and rainbow colors…… POP! The group was covered by a soapy liquid mixture. The smiles on their faces instantly turned to frowns…..then a tinge of anger.  This kinda reminds me of old New York when you always had to be on your toes and time when something could jump off at any moment.  Welcome to the Big Apple! Our bubbles are even gangsta!

A Bag of Money

Day 403 webDay 403 (February 7, 2015) – New York, NY

This is my favorite bench in New York City. Every time see someone sitting next to the little guy hold in a bag of money I smile and laugh inside. It’s a Tom Otterness bronze sculpture….and I love it!

Sleep Before the Day Starts

Day 399 BW wbDay 399 (February 3, 2015) – New York, NY

Even on crowded subways, some Ne wYorkers find the time to get a little shut-eye. When you have a long day of hard work ahead of you, I guess every bit of sleep you can get counts.

Bomb the System

Day 397Day 397 (February 1, 2015) – San Francisco, CA

Boy is the Mission changing. The grit and grime is being replaced by condos and hipsters. LinkedIn and a few other tech companies recently decided to make this neighborhood their home. And of course the City decided to subsidize these businesses in the form of tax incentives and zoning concessions. Subsidizing the private sector in the name of job creation?!? Jobs for who? Definitely not for the long time residents of the Mission. And in the process of attracting or retaining these tech companies the City helps accelerate gentrification. This is the name of the game in cities across the country. So….I say bomb the system! And lets start over.