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Day 404-408Day 405 (February 9, 2015)

I think this is the 6th day that I’ve seen this guy sitting in there trying to stay warm. The winter streets are brutal. The underground provides some semblance of solace on bitter cold evenings. I’ve never seen him move. He is bundled up head to toe…with crumpled newspapers providing added insulation. I’m sure I’ll see him tomorrow. He’s the subway’s scarecrow sitting in place observing the sea of daily commuters that pass him by.


Foggy Glasses

Day 402 webDay 402 (February 6, 2015) – Brooklyn, NY

Just another morning commute….but this got has foggy glasses..and I think that’s kinda funny. That’s it.

Sleep Before the Day Starts

Day 399 BW wbDay 399 (February 3, 2015) – New York, NY

Even on crowded subways, some Ne wYorkers find the time to get a little shut-eye. When you have a long day of hard work ahead of you, I guess every bit of sleep you can get counts.

No Where to Go

Day 392Day 392 (January 27, 2015) – New York, NY

It didn’t even snow that much yesterday….or today.  But I guess it really doesn’t matter when you have no place to go. It’s cold outside. And the ground is wet. These are the days when the homeless ride the trains through the night.  It’s their only salvation. I see how passengers look at them in disgust and it makes me angry. Where would you go? What would you do? I want more people to have compassion. I want more of us to simply care.

Ups and Downs

Day 388Day 388 (January 23, 2015) – New York, NY

Sorry for the hiatus. I know I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks, but I’ve still been shooting every day. Sometimes I just want quit this project. I don’t have much to say and I’m not producing the best images.  Maybe I’m too hard on myself, but I know I can do better. Using my Fuji x100s has been great, but the 23mm fixed lens limits me.  It’s time to invest in a new camera and it’s time to start using my Nikon D700 a bit more.  I need to find more in each day.

Underground Shelter

Day 383 BW webDay 383 (January 18, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s Sunday. It’s raining like crazy. And I’m on an open house mission. I started in Brooklyn. And then walked about 10 blocks to the nearest train to get to Manhattan. I’m soaked. Seriously. My waterproof boots don’t appear to waterproof anymore. Hell even my NorthFace jacket is getting damp. I guess this stuff wasn’t really made to be walking around all day in torrential downpour. And why the hell am I doing this to myself again. Will I ever win a bid? I don’t have a half a milli’ in cash. And even if I did I couldn’t see dropping it all for a crib. But that’s the world I live in. I can’t believe I’m trying Manhattan again. I saw two deals that made me put on the boots and rain coat. I’m hitting Chelsea (yes…Chelsea!) and Midtown (yes, midtown! near Columbus circle and Central Park!). We’ll see what comes of this adventure. This sure has been a crazy ride. I’m trying to stay underground as much as I can today. There is nothing good about cold rain. Nothing.


Day 382 BW webDay 382 (January 17, 2015) – Brooklyn, NY

This is my new bus stop at Dekalb and Throop. I’m deep in BK. I’m in the Stuy. Definitely not Do or Die anymore…well… at least not as bad as it use to be. For some reason there are more cops these days. And there is actually investment. People with money are starting to care about this part of Brooklyn. But, they still don’t care much about the people that have been living here for decades. I think they only see them as obstacles or opportunities. There obstacles because they represent “old” Bedstuy not the new one that the real estate agents are selling. There opportunities because of the real estate they are sitting on. A run down brownstone can be had for a few hundred thousand in cash and turned into $1.5 million in no time. Bedstuy will be an ongoing subject for me this year. I’m going to meet my neighbors and I’m going to learn their stories. I’m going to make sure that the people coming to the “new” Brooklyn understand that there is rich history and culture here.