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Savion Glover

Day 363_39 BWebDay 363 (December 29, 2014) – New Orleans, LA

The tapped with the skills of Savion Glover. They tapped for the tourist and wanderers in the French Quarter hoping they would show their appreciation…hoping they would toss a dollar or two or even some loose change in the box. I wish I could say they danced their hearts out for the love and passion of the body in motion, but…this is New Orleans…and these are young black kids. And this a a city where opportunity always seems to overlook a certain segment of the population. Hustling in the quarter is just one of the realities that kids face here. Even after the storm and billions of dollars in investments, opportunity remains limited. And the hustle remains a way of life. I hope one of these days things will change and this kids will be hustling codes or starting their own businesses outside the service sector.





Day 13 (January 13, 2014) – New Orleans, Louisiana

A late night walk through the streets of the French Quarter is always an interesting experience as each block offers something unique. The music is a given, but it rangers from rock and bad karaoke covers of pop hits to the hypnotic horns and pounding drums of brass bands or the lonely street musician playing solemn tune on a violin.  The people that roam the streets are a mix of intoxicated tourist, locals heading to work or to the regular watering hole and voyeurs like me just watching the night unfold. And then, there are people that are often unseen or overlooked that call these streets home. Perhaps they are down on their luck after a lifetime of disappointment or maybe they lost a fight with bottle and lost everything with each swallow.  Their stories are often unknown. And to the passerby they are nothing more than a shadow.  It’s about 1:00 AM. I lift my camera and shoot – still thinking about this person’s story. Questioning the America we live in where homelessness is common and economic disparities growing despite the wealth that exist all around us.