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Foggy Glasses

Day 402 webDay 402 (February 6, 2015) – Brooklyn, NY

Just another morning commute….but this got has foggy glasses..and I think that’s kinda funny. That’s it.


Sleep Before the Day Starts

Day 399 BW wbDay 399 (February 3, 2015) – New York, NY

Even on crowded subways, some Ne wYorkers find the time to get a little shut-eye. When you have a long day of hard work ahead of you, I guess every bit of sleep you can get counts.

Clear Thoughts

Day 395_33Day 395 (January 30, 2015) – Pescadero, CA

As the sun rose in the distance we followed our guide, our friend, up the mountain. This is hike she has done thousands of times. She shares the beauty of the land with others. And despite my struggles with the hike, today, this city kid is grateful. We supported each other on the trek. We talked about our childhoods…our personal struggles and the demons we fight.  We were open and brutally honest. We let down our guards. Maybe there was something in the fog the blanketed the mountain. Maybe we were making our lasting dying confessions as the hike bested us. Or maybe we just wanted to understand what makes us tick….that special thing inside….the roots of our passion and commitment.  One thing for sure, on that mountain…we became friends.

Fields of Yellow

Day 394_126Day 394 (January 29, 2015) – Somewhere near Half Moon Bay, CA

I’ve been to the Bay Area a hundred times and this is the first time I drove down Route 1 on the Pacific Coast. Wow!!!! What an amazing drive. And how lucky am I to be here when these yellow flowers are in full bloom. They are blanketing the both sides of the road and after about 10 minutes of driving through them I just had to stop. I know I’m late for my meeting…but…I had to capture this moment. I stood there for a while…just lost in my thoughts. Thankful for the great people I’m about to spend the next few days with and thinking about how different this moment is from my life in Brooklyn. It’s cold there. It’s dirty and grey. The sun doesn’t shine the same way. The air…is definitely not as fresh. It’s nice to get away. It’s nice to see and experience nature.

No Where to Go

Day 392Day 392 (January 27, 2015) – New York, NY

It didn’t even snow that much yesterday….or today.  But I guess it really doesn’t matter when you have no place to go. It’s cold outside. And the ground is wet. These are the days when the homeless ride the trains through the night.  It’s their only salvation. I see how passengers look at them in disgust and it makes me angry. Where would you go? What would you do? I want more people to have compassion. I want more of us to simply care.

Snowmageddon 2015

Day 391_21Day 391 (January 26, 2015) – New York, NY

What the hell is going on with this city. Why are we all over reacting. Yes. It’s snow. And it usually happens this time of year. And guess what, we’ve had snow before. Hell, we’ve had blizzards before. Why is the media and just about everyone else making such a big deal about another snow storm?!? “The Storm to End All Storms!”, “Snowmaggedon 2015!!!”….Yea.. blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s going to snow. It’s going to be slushy and ugly out. And guess what?! Nothing.. that’s it! Just another day in the city!


Rick James

Day 389 wbDay 389 (January 24, 2015) – New York, NY

For a second there I thought I was back in 79′ when I boarded the train.  That long coat and boots with heals was a dead give away for my time travel.  I think that girl with the big head phones is actually listening to Super Freak right now.  And Rick James is just posing out… hands on his hips and chillin against the wall.  Any minute now he’s gonna break out in song….

‘She’s a very kinky girl
The kind you don’t take home to mother
She will never let your spirits down
Once you get her off the street, ow girl’

In actuality it’s 2015 and  apparently that Rick James style is making a come back! I’m about to add another 3 inches to my height when I get my boots!