DAY59__1BW web

Day 60 (March 1, 2014) – New York, NY

She sits regal on a crowded train with a stern look and clenched lips hiding any glimpse of a smile. Her court jester sits beside her playing games completely oblivious to the drama that surrounds him. I stare at the Queen of the 4 Train and hopes she doesn’t notice my camera.

Ok, people. This is me just having a little fun. I often turn my commutes into eccentric stories as my mind dances between passengers and train stops. On this day, I spot a woman with a puffy winter jacket and furry cap (crown) on head – undoubtedly her armor for another cold winter day.  Besides her outfit, her expression draws me in.  She is thinking but not thinking. She is here in the moment but far far away in thought. Her posture, coupled with her wears, speaks to her royalty (at least in my mind).  It was hard not to notice her and to dream a story for her.

The Queen of the 4 – she controls the trains on the weekends and most likely is to blame for the constant disruption in service. I’m sure our frustration with train schedules and rerouted lines brings her comfort and joy – even if she’ll never show it.


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