Next Stop Where?

Day 334 WBDay 334 (November 30, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I’m still chasing a dream. I’m still trying to become a homeowner. I can’t compete in this current market. I don’t have the cash in hand, so…it’s time to move further into Brooklyn. This use be train stop when I first moved to BK. I lived about a 10 minute walk from the Manhattan Bridge….right near DUMBO and a stones throw from Fort Greene. I loved my neighborhood. I got in when the market was still struggling and there was a lot of units on the market. That was then…and this is now. This is my second move in less than three years. My rent has been raised between 15-19% each year….which for the record is ridiculous… what do I do…. I move. And with each move…I move further into Brooklyn…further away from convenient trains and services. I’m moving to Do or Die Bedstuy now. It’s different than I remember. It’s changing. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to live here either. I live in one of the new buildings that is gentrifying the neighborhood. I’m a part of the problem too.


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