Day 202__5Day 202 (July 22, 2014) – New York, NY

I have no tolerance for ignorance….and unfortunately sometimes it’s all around me. I’m glad no one paid this guy any attention. And that’s the thing I love about New Yorkers, we’re not surprised about anything and we can completely ignore just about everything.


Day 201Day 201 (July 21, 2014) – New York, NY

I know she’s mad at me. She saw me press the shutter release button. I was shooting from the hip…but she still saw. I was caught red handed stealing a moment of time. I invaded her space. Me and my camera, simple intruders. She mad at me. I know she is. I still got the the shot. :-)


Day 200Day 200 (July 20, 2014) – Las Vegas, NV

I’m off the strip. Away from the flashing lights. I’m where dreams became nightmares for some. Stores are shuttered like the lives forgotten.  Again, I don’t know their stories and I never will. I don’t know if they lost it all in the gambling halls or if they never had much of anything to lose in the first place.  I’m off the strip and behind the curtain of the fairytale that is Las Vegas.


DAY198_-2Day 198 (July 18, 2014) – Las Vegas, NV

Finally a little R&R…and I’m in Vegas! I don’t really gamble…but when I do…it’s always roulette. I’m definitely not at the high roller table…just $10 dollar hands and dreams of striking it rich. I always imagine turning $10 into about $100,000….then being upgraded to the Presidential suite and treated to some fancy dinners and what not. Of course while I’m on my heater I meet a few ladies and I kinda look like “the man”…or at least a sexy-looking wallet.  Na….that will never happen. You gotta play big to win big and my gambling limit is about $50 or what I would spend on three drinks at some swanky bar in Manhattan. I treat gambling like a night out on the town or going to the movies….both can be fun…or just really suck. So.. I take it with a grain of salt. If I win…it’s like I just found $20 on the street! For this weekend, I’m off the strip and I’m staying out of the lime light. Time to chill. Time to relax.

Happy to See Me

NEW YORK__11BWebDay 197 (July 17, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Back in NYC. Back underground. And everyone is happy to see me. Yup, even the MTA workers gave me a smile this morning. I think they missed me. We made I contact and I could tell she was thinking…hmm I haven’t seen him in a minute! Even the guy at the deli this morning asked if I still lived here. Yea..I travel that much…but it’s going to stop. Well…after my vacations this summer. I’m shooting a wedding in Key West in August and I’m also going to the Crow Fair in Montana. So…I guess I will always miss New York and New York will always miss me.


CLEVELAND__203Day 196 (July 16, 2014) – Cleveland, OH

I’m still in Cleveland. I’m tired. It’s 8AM and my flight was cancelled again. And the flight they rebooked me on was just delayed 3 hours. I’m having the worst travel luck. I’ve been sitting in this airport since 5:30 AM. My original flight was suppose to leave around 6:30AM and now I double I’ll make it back to the office until 2pm. I’m grounded after this for a while. It’s a self imposed no fly month or two for me. (Of course…this is just work travel.) Because naturally I’m flying on Thursday night to see visit the Grand Canyon. I just hope my travel look improves.

One image a day. Documenting life and growing as a photographer in the process.


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